I’m Denis Gusarov. I live in Cologne, where I build the future.

I have always loved to create things. Shooting photos, making videos and creating worlds (for pen & paper) are my absolute favorite hobbies. Since I'm 9 I'm gaming on the computer, and the interest to create things with it was always there, and with 13 I started to edit the first pictures with Photoshop. At 17 I built my first website and now I'm sitting here in my office in my apartment, working with renowned companies on their digital products.

The only things I like more than computers are my family and traveling. I love discovering new places and seeing everything with my own eyes, although flying around with VR goggles also has its advantages. You don't have to wear pants, for example.

As of today I have already traveled to the following countries: Germany (duh), France, Austria, Switzerland, Poland, Lithuania, Netherlands, Belgium, Turkey.

These countries are still on my bucket list: USA, Mexico, Colombia, Norway, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Thailand, South Korea, New Zealand, South Africa, Iraq